National Youth Sports Association

The National Youth Sports Association (NYSA) is non-denominational, Christian-based organization committed to developing youth sports organizations. Our love for Christ and our passion for our youth to know Him is what makes us the gold standard for youth sports. Our members represent various youth sports from all levels: developmental (D3), competitive (D2), and elite (D1). We believe when we impact our youth, we impact our communities.

Sports Resources

Academic Resources

Coaching Resources

AT NYSA, we help youth sports teams, leagues, and organizations:

  • Recruit and develop a top-tier youth sports program.

  • Be an active part of developing youth sports organizations, that develop youth, who develop communities.

  • Access the wealth of NYSA resources, including our Academic Leadership Development Program, CPR training, Coaches certification, Academic Tutoring, virtual learning opportunities designed to fit with varying learning goals, schedules and interests

  • Establish a reliable, full season schedule

  • Establish a field to play games, as available (local teams only)

  • Increase their brand awareness through marketing and publicity

  • Receive program discounts and benefits on an array of products and services

  • Receive tools and resources to assist with becoming a more effective and efficient team/organization

  • Stay current with emerging trends in youth sports

1-Year Membership: $1,000.00 / year

This membership is available to National and local private, public, Christian schools, including youth nonprofit organizations, teams, leagues, and parks & recreation departments.


  • Participation in sports establishes principles within student athletes allowing them to be successful on and off the field.

  • Youth Sport leagues and organization should provide a safe, professional, competitive, and fun environment for student athletes to develop.

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